international compact

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The surveyors in Uxbridge that day were visiting from New Hampshire and Maine, part of a new international compact to exchange forestry staff between states and provinces to better protect the entire region's forest health.
has signed a contract with the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority, an international compact entity, to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with public sector functionality that Tyler Technologies jointly developed with Microsoft.
He further added that these developments could also lead to a situation where one could also face "Balkanization of the Internet" if agreed rules of international engagement did not emerge as a binding international compact that encompassed states and other entities who controlled the underlying hardware.
By Osama Al Sharif The UN-sponsored international compact with Iraq conference, which took place last week in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh, was probably the biggest diplomatic white elephant in recent history.
Ban spoke at the end of the first day of a May 3-4 International Compact with Iraq, a UN-sponsored effort aimed at winning international support to stabilise and rebuild Iraq.
This corruption and the violence it feeds are targeted by the International Compact with Iraq, which the UN hopes to have formally adopted before end-2006 after the recent conclusion of preparatory meetings held by representatives from the US, the EU and Arab Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) states as well as international institutions and lenders.
In a year-end statement, Pentax said that prior to the introduction of the IQZoom 70, the international compact camera market was dominated by fixed focal models.
Economic: Both countries have agreed to support the development of Iraqi economic institutions and further integration into international financial institutions, to encourage all parties to abide by their commitments made in the International Compact with Iraq, to assist Iraq in its efforts to recover illegally exported funds and properties and to secure debt relief, and to encourage the flow of foreign investments to Iraq.
Talabani, in a meeting with the special envoy of the International Compact with Iraq, (ICI) Ibrahim Gambari, said Iraq sought to improve ties with neighboring countries and all Arab nations for the best of common interest, said a statement by the President's office.
Baghdad, Jun 1, (VOI) a" Two Baghdad-based newspapers on Sunday gave prominence to the results of the International Compact with Iraq (ICI), which was held in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Thursday, while a third paper assessing the performance of some Iraqi politicians five years after the collapse of the former regime.
We welcome the launching of the International Compact with Iraq and the meeting of neighboring countries on 3/4 May 2007 in Sharm El Sheikh as important steps towards the goal of national reconciliation and a long-term process of regional confidence-building.
Delegates from 60 countries, including US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, are expected to sign a five-year International Compact for Iraq, promising to provide Iraq with support in return for reforms.

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