high seas

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high seas

all parts of the sea that are not included in the territorial sea or in the internal waters of a state (Geneva Convention on the High Seas 1958). The territorial sea was fixed as not exceeding 12 nautical miles by the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea. The UK has fixed its limit at 12 miles in the Territorial Sea Act 1987. States have very limited rights in relation to the high seas.

HIGH SEAS. This term, which is frequently used in the laws of the United States signifies the unenclosed waters of the ocean, and also those waters on the sea coast which are without the boundaries of low water mark. 1 Gall. R. 624; 5 Mason's R. 290; 1 Bl. Com. 110; 2 Haze. Adm. R. 398; Dunl. Adm. Pr. 32, 33.
     2. The Act of Congress of April 30 1790, s. 8, 1 Story'S L. U. S. 84, enacts, that if any person shall commit upon the high seas, or in any river, haven, basin, or bay, out of the jurisdiction of any particular state, murder, &c., which, if committed within the body of a county, would, by the laws of the United States, be punishable with death, every such offender, being thereof convicted, shall suffer death and the trial of crimes committed on the high seas, or in any place out of the jurisdiction of any particular state, shall be in the district where the offender is apprehended, or into which he may first be brought. See 4 Dall. R. 426; 3 Wheat. R. 336; 5 Wheat 184, 412; 3 W. C. C. R. 515; Serg. Const. Law, 334; 13 Am. Jur. 279 1 Mason, 147, 152; 1 Gallis. 624.

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Thus, the total number of the company's vessels operating in international waters has been brought to 13 (11 dry cargo vessels and two tankers)," the message said.
Iran's Navy has managed to foil several attacks on both Iranian and foreign tankers during its missions in international waters.
Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Ministry to insert these Tablets with Vessel Monitoring facilities with a view to prevent illegal fishing on international waters.
The conference is expected to bring 250 foreign delegates, including government ministers from Seychelles, Maldives and representatives of GEF beneficiary countries, non-governmental organizations, transboundary waters management institutions, United Nations Agencies, GEF International Waters project managers and staff, and the international private sector.
The UNASUR recalled that under international law civilian ships cannot be attacked even by parties in war time, especially in international water.
Mr Hague also raised the issue of why the flotilla was stopped by the Israelis while it was still in international waters.
That was a pure act of piracy in international waters on a peace fleet.
First they will stop in international waters about 30 nautical miles [from Gaza], and [today] they will reach the shore.
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It is understood the plan by Advanced Cell Therapeutics (ACT) to use the sanctity of international waters to administer the injections, has now been abandoned.
Sealand has been run as a tiny nation since 1967, when Roy Bates Landed on the Roughs Tower sea fort 10 kilometres off the East Anglia coast and proclaimed It a sovereign state The fort--two concrete pillars sunk into the bed of the North Sea with a helicopter landing pad on top--was in international waters when claimed.

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