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Miner is no stranger to internecine battles at both the state and national level.
Summary: The clashes over the weekend were an all-too-familiar event in Tripoli, a city that has become accustomed to the periodic outbreak of internecine violence.
If Liam wins the Labour nomination (and the internecine strife surrounding that issue is fascinating) he will probably be Birmingham's first elected mayor, and Albert will be his number 2.
IHAVE been following the ongoing internecine battle of the great people of Liverpool as towho is responsible for the present economic mess.
Alex Dunigan Internecine strife Folkestone and Windsor are both owned by Arena Leisure and staged the only Flat racing yesterday in direct competition with each other.
Leadership contender Diane Abbott said: "Lord Mandelson is a man of great talents, but he does have to accept that his era is over and the public do not want a return to the spin, the triangulation and internecine warfare that characterised that era.
If we could just stop arguing among ourselves we might be able to use this simple phraseology to spread the word to the politicians; it is a much easier meal for them to swallow than one spiced with all our internecine warfare that we seem to enjoy.
Carolyn Gallaher examines those who joined the political process, those who did not, those caught up in internecine power struggles, and those with nowhere else to go.
One shudders at the inherent brutality of this tale but then pauses to ponder the internecine slaughter and strife documented in our own century.
GAZA CITY/RAMALLAH: Israel transferred to the West Bank yesterday scores of Palestinian Fatah activists who fled internecine fighting in the Gaza Strip over the weekend, overturning a decision to send them back to the salient where they could face arrest.
From public outrage over rising taxes and practices that rich slaveholders used to avoid being called to risk their lives on the front (there was even a "twenty-slave law" passed that protected slaveholders owning twenty or more slaves from the Confederate draft) to Indian tribes caught within and caught up in internecine rivalry to "cave dwellers" who used sophisticated means to evade conscription to those Southerners, particularly slaves, who outright deserted the Confederate army to join ranks with the Union, A South Divided reveals both individual stories and a grand picture of how internal dissent ultimately contributed to the Confederacy's defeat.