internet service provider

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internet service provider (ISP)

a person who provides the large computing systems and data storage required for other users to connect to the network of computers connected by a common protocol. In the law of the European Union an ISP provides information society services. To facilitate the function of those like ISPS special defences have been given to them to protect them from the claims for damages or prosecutions which could otherwise paralyse their business or divert others from entering. See e.g. CACHING, CONDUIT or HOSTING.
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When was the last time a chief executive officer of your Internet Service Provider was deeply involved in allowing a tyrannical dictator to swindle billions of dollars in humanitarian aid?
com/reports/c38718) has announced the addition of US Internet Service Providers 2006 to their offering.
Power and Associates' 2005 Internet Service Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study(SM).
NASDAQ: TLGB), a leader in international telecom services for Internet service providers (ISPs) and fixed and mobile network operators, today announced the opening of a new IP point of presence (PoP) in Warsaw, Poland.
Teleglobe is a global Tier 1 Internet service provider (ISP) and operates the IP backbone AS 6453 which circles the globe.
Power and Associates 2004 Internet Service Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study(SM), EarthLink is ranked highest in customer satisfaction among high-speed and dial up Internet Service Providers.
PRIMUS Canada), the largest alternative communications carrier in Canada, and one of that country's leading Internet Service Providers, has selected its service assurance products to measure and verify the quality of PRIMUS Canada's TalkBroadband(TM) Internet phone service.
CHICAGO -- The Wireless Internet Service Providers Organization (PART-15.
As a leading national Internet service provider (ISP) headquartered in Atlanta, EarthLink has earned an award winning reputation for outstanding customer service and its suite of online products and services.
The acquisition of Euroweb Hungary is the first step in Euroweb's quest to consolidate the fragmented Internet service provider industry in Central and Eastern Europe.
Among Internet subscribers, 74 percent use a dial-up Internet service provider, 17 percent use a cable modem, and 9 percent use DSL.

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