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The Fox Searchlight interns settled with the company for amounts ranging from $495 to $7,500.
Many of the interns said the experience helped them gain a better understanding of the training associated with the Foreign Service and the Department's various roles and career paths.
Companies then have the option of recruiting full time employees from interns who have been tried and tested and who have already started to understand the company's culture, values and expectations.
Feeding America hires interns to meet specific needs, such as its summer hunger initiatives or its Hunger in America report, according to Ross Fraser, director of media relations.
Democratic interns responded Tuesday night to the Ryan selfie.
Social work interns are, at their most effective, an unbiased and dutiful receptacle for all the goings-on associated with the LTC facility and significant agents for the proper implementation of customer service objectives.
Interns should begin an immersion process immediately when accepted into the program and continue it throughout their first few days.
The court held that Fox's interns must receive significant educational benefits to be exempt from the FLSA.
Summary: In July, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal issued a groundbreaking decision addressing when unpaid interns are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime .
Tens of thousands of interns have descended on New York, Washington, Los Angeles and other internship capitals with the hope of showing off the talent needed to land a job - and in some fields, one's chances are about as high as getting picked in the NBA draft.
This program is designed to help companies and interns connect in order to find suitable additions to their respective businesses.