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Among these options reverse Posterior Interosseous Artery flap (PIA) is a much favoured technique.
1 represents the case when there are two main arterial trunks in the arm ("doubled BA") and the variant superficial brachial artery continues as the ACNM or the common interosseous artery.
In one subject the common interosseous artery arose from the radial artery, but this subject also had a median artery originating from the common interosseous artery.
The study comprised 53 reverse flow posterior interosseous artery flaps in 50 patients for the coverage of hand/wrist defects both in emergency and elective settings.
He also recorded the bifurcation of brachial artery I into radial and ulnar arteries in cubital fossa, and further continuation of brachial artery II as common interosseous artery.
Photograph 2: Showing the brachial artery diving into radial and common interosseous artery in the cubital fossa (right upper limb).
The latter also receives a contribution from the dorsal terminal branch of the anterior interosseous artery.
The common interosseous artery is a short branch of the ulnar, passes back to the proximal border of the interosseous membrane and divides into anterior and posterior interosseous arteries.
The original axial artery persists as the anterior interosseous artery in the forearm and the deep palmar arch in the hand.
Arterial supply is by a volar interosseous artery that may represent an end artery.

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