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When the baffled and shaky Christiane reaches out for something to steady her, she grabs onto discarded state-made furniture piled along the road, all the props fashioned under the ideology that had interpellated her psyche to keep it steady.
not only does the long-dead Simon Corregidora intrude into the present, but the men who are Ursa's lovers are interpellated by his image, foreshadowing their complicity in the reproduction of slavery's objectifying sexual logic.
Social scientists in Africa and the West describe how Africa is interpellated into the narratives and discourses on political violence and terrorism since the 9/11 attack.
Sheikh Nasser was first interpellated in May 2006 by Parliament, but the request was denied, as were four similar requests during the course of 2008.
Thus, although car travel effected a democratization of tourism in contrast to the more exclusive earlier rail tourism, the accompanying road maps which interpellated an even larger portion of the citizenry into the discipline of the nation did so according to a preexisting grid.
In the midst of this remarkable gathering, it dawned on me that our program, and I as an academic advisor, had been efficiently interpellated by a dynamic social network: 'simultaneously displaced and recruited' I said in my comments at the time (Clifford 2001 : 484).
Only then might those voices from below be welcomed, interpreted, and successfully interpellated into a wider community of poets and readers.
In other words, Saadia's life and her words were more squarely embedded within the trappings of modernity, although Farzana with her faith in the research team from the country's capital definitely interpellated herself as a modern citizen-subject with demands from the state.
Too brainy for mass-culture girlishness but still interpellated as feminine by popular and academic culture (see the recent withholding of Canada Excellence in Research Chairs from women: all nineteen "super CRCS" went to men), women are caught between the diabolical anxieties of being pretty enough and being smart enough.
interpellated in gendered terms) by the trial of Queen Caroline (qtd.
What if the interpellated subject attends only imperfectly, because it occurs in an unrecognised or uncomprehended language, the very act, structure and end of interpellation?
When routine life resumed the following day, Longoni and Bruzzone explain, the "the press reported that pedestrians expressed their uneasiness and surprise at feeling stared at and interpellated by these faceless figures," a visual impact which they call the "mute cry" of the silhouettes (in ES: 30).