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While it exposes the extent to which characters are interpellated by the feed, it is arguable that the novel flatters readers into a sense of their own insightfulness as they see what characters cannot.
The scene of her inaudible political tirade is the only one that lends any self-expression to the woman's character, interpellated by others from the beginning.
61) It allowed the students initially to collectively create and fashion the ideal of the female teacher and as the practices associated with the MDDC became established, teachers working in the schools interpellated other women into the Crusade.
4) As Paul Smith has pointed out, there is always a difference between the subject interpellated by the text (its implied reader) and the human agent who engages with it: "what always stands between the text's potential and preferred effect and its actualized effect is the reader who has a history of his/her own" (34).
For the meantime, Marcos said he would come to the Senate during its regular Monday to Wednesday session, ready to be interpellated any time.
Indeed, extending Judith Butler's discussion of gender performance and the opportunities there afforded for the parodic adoption of what one is interpellated as (26-27), Smith implies radicals like Mary Hays and Mary Wollstonecraft accepted the stereotypical representation of women as especially sensitive from a complex kind of defiance ($7-60).
Why not be interpellated by the curve of a calf or the form of a shoulder?
Flashes of light then violently penetrate the space, and we are interpellated once again, becoming the unsuspecting object-victims of a feigned photographic gaze, and Carter's photograph appears furtively onscreen, like an afterimage.
makes clear in his introduction that it is "the overarching purpose of this book to exemplify the ways in which adolescents are interpellated into the dominant ideology of neoliberalism and suggest subversions and resistances to such interpellation that youth enact.
The responses, however, and the discussion they provoked suggest otherwise: that is, we--the shifting community formed around practices of writing--all understand to some extent the imperative to write with reference to a discourse of disciplinary identification, using a language specific to English studies and addressing a constituency of like readers, who will recognize themselves as the subjects interpellated in and by academic discourse.
Leahy spends his first chapter carefully outlining an argument against the New Historicist treatment of processions as impressive events that successfully interpellated the audience.
were compelled to adopt a mode of discourse which of necessity interpellated Jews according to Gentile values' (p.