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Despite his own entrapment in the Southern racist ideology which renders him unable to question the equation of Lucas with "murderous nigger," Gavin's commentary illuminates the way ideology, through the channels of racialized discourse and ritualistic practice, interpellates people into "white" or "black" subject positions.
We read this process through Caleb himself as he comes to realize that autobiography, rather than articulating a legitimate or authentic Romantic selfhood, instead interpellates the subject's private life for the public sphere.
The problem the Biographia presents itself with as it tries to account for, interpret, interpellate, and refigure the gaps it both encounters and creates is one of the precise location of lack.
In a generally approving essay, Warren Montag has argued that "Althusser's central thesis (ideology interpellates individuals as subjects) only takes on its full meaning in relation to what we might call Foucault's reading of the materiality of ideology, a notion rewritten as the 'physical order' of the disciplines" (75).
The ever-popular marine image of Imperial striving that closes Childe Harold interpellates this melancholy enjoyment--"and if the freshening sea Made" the "Ocean['s]" "breakers.
pregnancy in progress and interpellates her gestating fetus into human
Bell's stereotypes, in fact, find their antithesis in Brooks's poetry, which works to undermine the ways in which even liberal ideology interpellates its victims.
abstractions or whether it concerns empirical reality Louis Althusser suggests that "[i]deology interpellates individuals as
But imbricates, interpellates, instantiates, bricolage, liminality, processual?
it exploits, blackmailing them with freedom so as to keep them in harness" ("Marxism" 234-35); "Ideology interpellates individuals as subjects [ .
In explicating the presence of ideology in everyday practice, he uses a pair of high-heel shoes to describe how it interpellates women as subjects:
Far from offering a sustained critique of or meaningful reflection upon this history, which few Americans ever bother to think about, the filmic narrative that follows instead ideologically interpellates viewers into identification with the CIA as heroic rescuers whose canny infiltration of Iran saves the day for imperiled US embassy workers.