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When the quorum was established with 187 congressmen present, he said he thought he could proceed with his interpellation, as the rules prescribed an hour for interpellation.
But when 186 congressmen answered a roll call and the session resumed, Bondoc declared a termination of the plenary discussion of HCR 09 and stopped Casilao from proceeding with his interpellation.
There is a transition from "he/she and I, we gaze at you" of interpellation to "I make you gaze, you equally as him/her" of subjective shot.
Le diplomate saoudien a neanmoins souligne qu'il existe d'autres cas importants et dangereux, vu les crimes critiques et delicats commis, et qui sont toujours sous interpellation, au moment oE les autorites saoudiennes examinaient encore la possibilite de les extrader en Egypte, juste apres les avoir juges et prononcer des jugements definitifs a leur encontre.
Justice Minister Mihajlo Manevski said Monday that corruption was the motto for his interpellation by those same people who carried out the most criminal privatization and are now desperately trying to shift the responsibility onto others.
Rather, the interpellation of Sheikh Nasser, though doubtless out of the ordinary, even unprecedented, was yet another indication of the government's willingness to acquiesce, gradually and over time, to legislative checks on its executive authority.
On Monday, the PA decided to postpone the discussion of a parliamentary interpellation over the government's refusal to halt gas exports to Israel during the Gaza war.
A first step is to turn to Zizek, who has argued that the Christian religion provides an exacting model for how the process of finding interpellative spaces beyond ideological interpellation is feasible.
Here, Wyatt examines the roles of idealization and interpellation in the visual appropriation of the other's image.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-14 May 2004-Finnish government escapes interpellation with clear vote - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The relation between these two meanings makes Cohen's projec t more than just a knowing comment on alienation and modernity (a hip movie set a Ia David Lynch): It is a record of a social and political interpellation.
It was prompted by unclear statements by the president Thursday during interpellation on the dismissals of Industry and Trade Minister Jusuf Kalla and Investment and Small Enterprises Empowerment Minister Laksamana Sukardi in April.