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The use of dress as disguise, or as a way of "passing" (that is, of pretending to be a member of a different ethnic or cultural group to avoid discrimination), is most obvious in big urban centers such as Cairo and Alexandria, where state-society interpenetration is greatest.
Few would argue that the two cultures (with their attendant social characteristics) existed, but some might see far more interpenetration among them throughout the century than Garrioch allows.
For Weimann, the Shakespearean stage saw a mutual interpenetration of these sites, which are both physical and conceptual.
From Smith, these readers can draw valuable accounts of the politics of the universities, the interpenetration of economic and scientific questions, and the religious context within which these questions were formulated.
He nevertheless says that "it is now possible to see the steady emergence, underneath the local variations, of a new international model and indeed, less directly, a new social and cultural profile for television" (ibid), The influence of that new model varies in different countries, and, rather than "some final homogeneity," the movement is "towards a new and deep level of interconnection and interpenetration across variant national and area systems, affecting some dimensions of television immediately and directly, others more slowly and only through an indirect or rebound process" (ibid).
These forward and backward references," he holds, are what ground "the interpenetration of meaning contents" as well as "the mechanisms wherein individual contents reciprocally activate and fix their successors" (p.
The problem with tracing the law's interpenetration with literature, or even in seeing that there might be such a possibility, is in many ways hard to see once one has accepted the enabling assumption of the irreducibly figural nature of language on which this recent crossing of disciplines depends.
The interpenetration of religion and culture in the American story makes it important to have clarity about the meaning of the separation of church and state.
The interpenetration of 3-APS into PVDF may be one mechanism for improving the interfacial adhesion in a PVDF/3-APS/Al joint.
Rather than opposing public and private spheres, Walker's narrative underscores their interpenetration.
It is this interpenetration of public and private, the competition between inwardness of spirituality and extravagant externalization of piety, that fuels The Book of Margery Kempe, the subject of chapter 4.