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Once the relationship between degree of bonding and average extent of reaching an effective interpenetration depth is modeled, the calculated degree of bonding can be obtained for given melt and mold temperatures by combing Figs.
The use of dress as disguise, or as a way of "passing" (that is, of pretending to be a member of a different ethnic or cultural group to avoid discrimination), is most obvious in big urban centers such as Cairo and Alexandria, where state-society interpenetration is greatest.
Although the extent of the interpenetration of 3-APS with PVDF is deeper in PVDF/3-APS/Al than in PVDF/3-APS/Si joint, the peel forces of both joints reach the same level.
The authors make excellent use of Lysenkoism to illustrate the complex interpenetration of science and politics in practice.
As an interpreter in India, the author works with a level of interpenetration between expert authority and subject that is often present but rarely talked about in the US.
It began with the early Modernists who evangelistically affirmed a new set of values for modern buildings--transparency and dematerialization--achieved through material lightness and spatial interpenetration.
185) is very characteristic of his felicitous turns of phrase Allied to a flair for picking up all sorts of thematic implications in the Illuminations is a fine sense both of poetic structure and of the interpenetration of poetry with theatre, music, and the visual arts.
In fact, it is this constant interweaving, interpenetration, interdependence of the physical and the metaphysical that provides one of the most important informing tensions of Kinsella's work.
The women's handkerchiefs therefore embody the interpenetration of the erotic and the economic.
Roger Bastide, The African Religions of Brazil: Toward a Sociology of the Interpenetration of Civilizations, trans.
calls it, "amphibious," view that affirms a real interpenetration of transcendence and immanence without conflation.
The basic concept in this theology comes from Raimundo Panikkar's concept of interpenetration (i.