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As the case involved an interpleader proceeding, the claimant's proprietary interest was an essential prerequisite.
2) Taxable court costs of a judgment creditor incurred in a proceeding to obtain a preservation order, a third person or interpleader proceeding, or any other application to the court attributed to money in the distributable fund;
174) This is a very different context than in Pimentel, which was an interpleader proceeding concerning in personam creditor claims to funds situated in a U.
an interpleader fund is properly the property of the depositor).
Bennett then involved the police to recover the car, and the police took out an interpleader summons to determine ownership.
Complaint for interpleader and deposit of surplus funds.
Judith Yoffie, who was left the three paintings by Mae Persky in her will, was one of three parties involved in a complaint in interpleader filed in federal civil court in Rhode Island.
21) Consequently, Commercial Union filed a complaint for interpleader in the district court, asking the court to declare the disposition of the fund.
While Rule 20, or statutory interpleader, (78) is historically and
In Pre-Columbian Artifacts, an interpleader action was filed by the United States to determine the ownership of
After Searle's misconduct was detected, the police seized the car and, since both the plaintiff and the defendant claimed ownership, commenced interpleader proceedings.
The court began sending out notifications of money owed after a bribery case involving an Encino attorney raised questions about the fund, officially known as the Condemnation and Interpleader Fund.