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2, the proposed algorithm consists of two parts: the first part is to construct a candidate motion vector set of the interpolated block, and the second part is to utilize the multiple motion vectors from the candidate motion vector set to jointly interpolate the target block.
At any location, interpolate between the red lines to find the Universal Time of maximum eclipse.
I prefer to point to the work envelope of the machine tool and say, "That thing that you call CNC directs the cutting tool to interpolate a path.
Contrary to the conclusion, let F = span[f, g, h] interpolate [[delta].
It is often necessary to interpolate the spectral data to a finer grid to avoid errors arising from the discrete approximation used to estimate the integral where the weighting function varies strongly between the wavelengths at which the measurements were made (1).
Since they all have this raftlike shape, we interpolate that the nucleus is also raftlike," says Vekilov.
Without access to curve data, engineers are forced to guess at a value to be inserted into the equation; with curve data, engineers can either select data measured at the test conditions or interpolate or extrapolate to reach an approximate value at the desired conditions -- a value that will likely be far more accurate than the guesstimate traditionally used.
The filter includes four modes of operation, decimate or interpolate x 2 halfband filtering; digital down-conversion by [f.
C-Design also includes "utility tools" that will automatically interpolate data for new materials from those for related grades in the database.
For any location, interpolate between the red lines on the map to get the Universal Time (also known as Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT) when the partial eclipse begins.