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Use of kernel densities or other interpolative methods are not unique to these two projects.
The aims of this study were: (1) to generate more detailed maps of mean precipitation in the Baltic countries than is possible from pure interpolation, (2) to compare the effectiveness of methods for interpolative modelling, (3) to specify the mean precipitation values over the territory of the Baltic countries.
As an alternative to the Karup-King interpolation, the six-term fifth-difference interpolative formulae of Sprague or Beers can be applied, which however use information from more surrounding groups.
Interpolative code [9] exploits the cluster property of term occurrences and achieves very good performance.
5 and daily average values of both air quality and MOD data using an interpolative algorithm.
Although Bellin repeatedly provides substantial and largely persuasive contextual evidence for his conclusions, it is often difficult to shake off the feeling that Framing Monsters suffers from the same reductive tendencies that have rendered this brand of criticism deeply unfashionable in many circles; indeed, what the book mourns most frequently is the passive cultural dupery--the "social alienation" in the book's title--of the audiences drawn towards these dubiously interpolative celluloid wonders.
By adopting the 'agreed' rules of the game an individual can be understood by others, while conversely this structure enters the individual in a type of interpolative self-recognition.
A Sufi poet frequently intercalates his own lines with those of another, using a consistent interpolative formula (e.
What they made is an innovative little fight game featuring lots of PAIN - Polymorphic And Interpolative Node-mapping.
OGP has developed a set of certified standards and a sophisticated automatic program to measure them and create nonlinear interpolative look-up tables for calibration.