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Bryan Black, senior fellow at AMD said, "UMC's long track record of bringing innovative technologies from the R&D stage to volume production for customer products was a compelling reason for us to engage with them as our foundry for the interposer and associated TSV technology.
Additional advantages today include use of a silicon interposer to reduce the chip package interaction (CPI) problem.
For example, Atotech and Georgia Tech demonstrated fine feature (3 to 5[micro]m RDL) for panel-based interposers.
Next-generation high density semiconductor packaging is a promising solution for smaller and higher-function mobile devices, and the key to realize such advanced technology is interposer technologies that interconnect the Si chip and the printed circuit board.
Asahi Glass needs the hole-fill technology of the Tucson, Arizona-based company to bring its ultra-thin interposers into commercial production.
Singapore, Dec 6, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - The A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME) and Tezzaron Semiconductor, a leader in 3D-ICs, have today announced a research collaboration agreement to develop and exploit advanced Through Silicon Interposer (TSI) technology.
a supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, has introduced a new Mini Card Interposer for the Summit(TM) PCI Express Protocol Analyzer product line.
Agilent Technologies and Nexus Technology have made available their DDR3-1867 DIMM and DDR3-1600 SODIMM slot interposer test solutions.
By combining Emulex's BR-2401-based multi-protocol tiered storage interposer circuit board with its ETERNUS storage systems, Fujitsu enables customers to combine Fibre Channel and SATA disk drives within the same enclosure, allowing for maximum system flexibility, the company said.
The 28 papers cover fabricating the circuits; modeling, simulating, and scaling integrated devices; applications; through-wafer interconnects for packaging and interposer applications; bonding technology; and enabling processes.
The module runs within CrosStor's StakFS framework, a file system interposer that currently supports most Unix platforms, Microsoft Windows NT and CrosStor's storage operating systems.