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The final night session discussed the latest advances in organic interposers, including insight into Kyocera and Shinko Electric's paths to less than 5 pm line width and spaces in organic substrates.
Once the completed socket is bolted to the test board, the bolting process causes the springs coming out of the bottom of the bottom interposer to mate with the pads of the customer's test board via "pressure mount.
For the commercialization of ultra-thin glass interposers, the via-fill technology has been needed and this investment will help AGC to put its innovative product into practical use.
Even compared to full 3D, active silicon interposers offer attractive advantages: they can accommodate very large circuits that would overwhelm today's 3D capabilities, their larger surface area dissipates heat more readily, and existing chips can be rapidly assimilated into the design.
The first implementations of this new paradigm will likely involve microchanneled interposers, since the wiring in interposes lets engineers connect chips whose inputs and outputs would not ordinarily match up.
The Mini Card interposer is now available to order.
Interposer design provides flexibility and ease of use for testing and digital validation of different DDR3 DIMMs or SODIMMs;
Interposer designs also require that all chip-to-chip communication use the interposer layer, while EMIB allows for more flexibility.
The elimination of the interposer and TSVs also provides a cost reduction and eliminates concerns on the effects of TSVs on electrical behavior.
For high-speed digital test, in July Keysight introduced a ball grid array (BGA) interposer solution for testing DDR4 x16 DRAM designs with a logic analyzer (Figure 2).
Several substrate suppliers have organic interposer capabilities in development, including Ibiden, Kinsus, Kyocera, NTK, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO), Shinko Electric and Unimicron.
By applying the newly-developed micro hole drilling processing technology for ultra-thin glass to process glass interposers, AGC will be able to drill holes precisely and at high speed to connect through-electrodes.