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Hepatodiaphragmatic interposition of the intestine was first described by Beclere in 1899.
Conclusion: As it does not have any additional cost and is easily shaped and biocompatibility problem is not encountered; we recommend using incus interposition primarily in incus defects.
According to analysis of variance with repeated measures, the changes in mean score of women taking calcium before, immediately after 2 months after interposition was considerable (p = 0.
However still there is a recent move away from the use of interposition grafting amongst obstetric fistula surgeon15.
Omental interposition is not essential for good healing.
For coalition resection, interposition graft may be used, with extensor digitorum brevis (EDB), bone wax, fibrin glue, or fat as options.
We chose pericardium for the repair because of a lack of experience with gastric transposition and colonic interposition.
In the more recent series, reconstruction using polytetrafluoroethylene, Dacron and saphenous vein interposition grafts have been used with good initial results (4,26) and a lower incidence of complications.
The inability to carry out the reduction due to biceps tendon interposition is a rare situation, and some cases have been published [3-7].
12) We present our local case series of patients presenting with complex RUF treated using the transperineal approach with gracilis muscle flap interposition.
Dworkin's true metier is the philosophy of language, which imbues this volume with a sense of profound interposition, language settling into the crevices of a landscape Ponge never knew, into frankly gorgeous postures Hopkins nevertheless would recognize: "the martelling peen" "the lacquering staunch" "A wake of grain eddies from the lathes.
Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, adopted consensus from the constitution content; and he was not putting any article to vote because he used to endorse the agenda items via agreement," Jreij said during an interposition to "Kalam Beirut" on "Future" T.