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Perhaps, too, I know that no interposition of yours would be of any avail.
I was released at last, not by my own efforts, but by Sir Percival's interposition.
The unaccountable release of the captives from their bonds was attributed, by the hags, to the incantations of the medicine; and the mistake was probably of as much service, as the miraculous and timely interposition of Asinus in their favour.
At this, I really thought the waiter must have gone out of his mind: as I believe he would have done, but for the interposition of another man, who whispered in his ear, 'Directly.
The footsteps of the sentinel echoed monotonously as he paced its stone pavement to and fro (reminding Barnaby of the watch he had so lately kept himself); and as he passed and repassed the door, he made the cell for an instant so black by the interposition of his body, that his going away again seemed like the appearance of a new ray of light, and was quite a circumstance to look for.
The mob hitherto had been passive spectators of the scene, but as the intelligence of the Pickwickians being informers was spread among them, they began to canvass with considerable vivacity the propriety of enforcing the heated pastry-vendor's proposition: and there is no saying what acts of personal aggression they might have committed, had not the affray been unexpectedly terminated by the interposition of a new-comer.
Russian Ambassador to Malaysia said in an interposition "the reason that made Russia and China use the veto is to protect the Syrian people and the basic principles of the International Law," underlining that using power against countries is unacceptable at all because it would destabilize security and stability of the whole world.
Syria has decided to realize those targets as it believes in the important role of education as a basic factor in the sustainable development process," Al-Waz said in an interposition at a high-level meeting to adopt the work plan of the Education Ministry of 2030 in the framework of the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference.
Fifty-five cases developed after surgery, including esophagectomy (24 patients), fundoplication (14 patients, 6 postlaparoscopic), colonic interposition (8 patients), and diaphragmatic hernia repair (4 patients).
Dworkin's true metier is the philosophy of language, which imbues this volume with a sense of profound interposition, language settling into the crevices of a landscape Ponge never knew, into frankly gorgeous postures Hopkins nevertheless would recognize: "the martelling peen" "the lacquering staunch" "A wake of grain eddies from the lathes.
Prime Minister, Tammam Salam, adopted consensus from the constitution content; and he was not putting any article to vote because he used to endorse the agenda items via agreement," Jreij said during an interposition to "Kalam Beirut" on "Future" T.
Eight most commonly performed surgical procedures are volar ligament reconstruction, metacarpal osteotomy, CMC arthrodesis, joint replacement, trapeziectomy, trapeziectomy with tendon interposition, trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction, and trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition.