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There is of course a trade-off between the representational capacity of a model and its interpretability, ranging from linear models (which can only represent simple relationships but are easy to interpret) to nonparametric methods like support vector machines and Gaussian processes (which can represent a rich class of functions but are hard to interpret).
So that's why you are seeing more adoption and maturity in certain areas, and less adoption in other areas like bank underwriting, insurance, health underwriting - just because of the lack of interpretability of these algorithms.
To facilitate interpretability of the regression parameter, Straight Truck % was standardized prior to including it in the discrete time hazard models.
Content personalization systems can function opaquely and be resistant to auditing because of poor accessibility and interpretability of decision-making frameworks.
As our results show, we did not find significant correlations between EEG modifications and psychological measures that would confirm the interpretability criteria.
The interpretability of doctor identification badges in UK hospitals: a survey of nurses and patients.
21 But there are a number of advantages observed in introducing PO to primary care settings at resource-poor health setups, including availability of low cost, easy-to-use devices, interpretability of readings by minimally trained personnel, rapidity with which a measurement can be obtained and the capacity of the technology to address motion artefacts.
Although the TUG, 8UG, and ABC are widely used within the geriatric population, it is unknown whether MCI affects the validity and interpretability of the measures and whether this effect is similar across these measures of activity and participation.
By contrast, classification algorithms predict these relationships with an emphasis on precision and interpretability (see Herrera, Carmona, Gonzalez, & del Jesus, 2011).
Finally, we evaluated the models based on practical and theoretical considerations that may limit the interpretability of the results.
Without interpretability, it will be impossible for the officer to make an accurate assessment of individualized suspicion.
ICI works on developing interpretability, ability of the two sides working together, to have same standards and be connected in different operations.