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Lo que llamamos "realidad" posee una estructura (es un tejido), como la tienen los textos literarios, interpretables a partir de la semiotica, por ejemplo, de Iuri Lotman.
In Pesetsky and Torrego's framework, features that are interpretable can at the same time be unvalued features, and such is precisely the case with the [tau]-features on T.
The term interpretable relates to the credibility and dependability of data generated by a study, and is based on the study's design to sufficiently test "cause and effect" relationships.
The isolates that did not give interpretable PFGE patterns (1 broiler [2005-2006] and 4 broiler meat [2006-2007] isolates, 11 broiler [2008] and feed [2008] isolates, and 11 ciprofloxacin-resistant human isolates) were subjected to RAPD analysis.
Examples of specific topics include algorithms and issues for computational reconstruction of protein-protein interaction networks, detecting hierarchical modularity in biological networks, methods for the interference of biological pathways and networks, exploring pathways from gene co-expression to network dynamics, enzyme function prediction with interpretable models, effects of functional bias on supervised learning of a gene network model, and comparing algorithms for clustering of expression data.
They were also assessed for ease of interpretation by five independent observers, four of whom selected the dollar store tests as more visually interpretable.
With the increasing number of 4D vintages available over producing fields, global 4D inversion is better constrained and yields results that are more readily interpretable in terms of production effects.
Results: Interpretable FISH results were obtained in 66 embryos in control group and 128 embryos in gonadotropin stimulated group.
The CD -- equipped with cutting-edge search engine technology, as well as pre-defined, interpretable tables and graphs -- presents vital statistical information on 7,000 diverse commodities that were imported, exported and re-exported through the emirate's free zones and customs warehouses last year.
As such, they are only well understood when they consist of a language that is consistent and easily interpretable by all stakeholders.
Sugimoto joined Gagosian a few years back, but "7 Days/7 Nights" was his first solo show in New York with the gallery, and while this grandly ambitious installation was on the one hand interpretable as the kind of thing a dealer makes possible to the artist's benefit, on the other its timing led one's mind to the relation between commerce and aesthetics.
These factor analyses yielded interpretable three factor solutions.