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Once the coaches' interviews were completed the researcher and peer debriefer followed the interpretational qualitative data analysis guidelines set by Tesch (1990) and Cote et al.
731) The judiciary can neither read nor infer interpretational constructs that are not there or use its "historical imagination.
Statutory construction in American courts involves perpetual conflict between (or, more accurately, ever-shifting balances of) textual and purposive interpretational approaches.
This instrument also lacks interpretational guidelines clarifying score cut-offs for evidence levels, and its psychometric aspects have not yet been investigated.
His style can easily be recognized - his interpretational nuances and sound-scapes have that something special which cannot be replicated.
Interpretational mistakes were quickly recognized and this contributed to the premature skepticism toward their experimental data.
Interpretational aspects of spectral decomposition in reservoir characterization.
different intercepts), the sample choice poses fewer interpretational problems.
While it may seem, then, that there exists the possibility of harmony on at least one contentious issue of christological difference between Muslims and Christians, the focus ought not to be on interpretational agreement.
All told, this is an eclectic collection that covers a wide range of styles, moods and technical and interpretational challenges.
He explicitly advocates recourse to the views of the real author in interpretation: "Recognizing the logical distinction between real author, implied author, and narrator sensitizes us to interpretational prospects that we might miss," specifically including cases "where the implied ideology of the text is consonant [or dissonant, one might add] .