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Interpretative statement 2 focuses on "the environment and ethical obligation.
Penchevas motion was submitted to VAS in March 2014 and one year later the court refused to issue an interpretative ruling.
The APA clearly distinguishes between regulations that impose legally enforceable duties and interpretative rules, which do not.
This article focuses on the role of different interpretative communities whose worldviews, historical experiences, and frameworks of interpretation influence students' memories and learning strategies and implications of their role for both teaching and learning.
7) Providing interpretative comments, especially to primary care physicians, is an important duty of chemical pathologists.
The United States Supreme Court, in a six-to-three opinion, held that the Attorney General had exceeded the authority delegated to him under the Controlled Substances Act and thus the Interpretative Rule was invalid.
Crescent Veil is very strongly recommended for all readers searching for an outstanding and creative interpretative novel of an hostile Iraqi perspective of America's removal of power that is a mandate we see present in today's anti-American, fundamentalist, guerrilla warfare oriented Islam.
Six great Surrealist artists invite kids to view contrasting works and use their own interpretative skills, encouraging exploration through hands-on activities.
Speaking to the general assembly of the leading French hunting association, the FNC (Federation nationale des chasseurs), French Environment Minister Serge Lepeltier announced that France is calling for an interpretative guide on the Directive, drafted recently by the European Commission, to be included in an annex to the Directive.
fundamentally interpretative artists realizing the imaginative flights of their betters) than fully-fledged creators.

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