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You may know language very well, but being able to write interpretatively, creatively and analytically is critical.
Manuel Alvar's 1976 edition of the Diario was `the first to treat it as a text -- as an object in itself of scholarly inquiry, as a philological challenge whose close study was a necessary preamble to further historical inquiry, and as an entity whose physical characteristics were interpretatively important.
Other researchers, criticizing such techniques as methodologically imprecise and interpretatively ambiguous (see, for example, Persky et al.
With a deliberately pointed reference to monogamous marriage, that is, to marriage between one man and one woman, the Samaritan Pentateuch and the Septuagint translated the Hebrew "and they become one flesh" interpretatively as "and these two become one flesh" (Gen.
Musically his was a compact, elegant reading, rather small-toned in delivery, but promising of much more interpretatively in the future.
Interpretatively, Australian tenor Glenn Winslade's Grimes lies safely between that of Peter Pears and Jon Vickers (it lacks the poetry of Pears and the sheer brute force of Vickers), but vocally, he is no match for either of his famous predecessors.
In light of these issues about approach, I will begin with a few brief comments on two general theoretical ideas relevant to any attempt to treat interpretatively and constructively, with due regard for the place of the subject, the claims of a religious tradition such as Confucianism.
New analyses of visual space can better characterize and quantify the effect created by the built environment, allowing these changes to be documented and examined both interpretatively and statistically.
In his study of the brokering of cultural performances at the Smithsonian Institution, Kurin writes: "Culture brokers empirically and interpretatively study the culture to be represented, arrive at models of understanding, develop a particular form of presentation from a repertoire of genres, and bring audiences and culture bearers together so that cultural meanings can be translated and even negotiated.
Readers of this book will not learn much that is factually or interpretatively new about Ali or that age.
Interpretatively there are probably still more riches here that Bell will mine in the future, but as an example of wonderful playing this account rates very highly - as in the first movement's cadenza, teasingly subtle, bowing eventually buzzing with energy.
For all the carefully laid plans, for all the detailed musical preparations and the months of conversations between Egoyan and Levine about how the singers will bring their bleak world to life, this first installment of the COC's Ring cycle will essentially come together musically, interpretatively, visually and technically over the last two and a half weeks of March--and so will Rigoletto.