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She evaluates the implications of adapting a well-established method in interpreting studies for the purposes of studying the role of interpreting in a novel socio-political context, thus asking us to consider other innovative ways of drawing upon qualitative interviews in our discipline.
Those doing consecutive interpreting work in a room with the other people involved.
With those thoughts in mind, we proceeded to estimating and interpreting the model, which also included emphasizing other important concepts related to regression, such as writing hypotheses, testing for statistical significance, interpreting the confidence interval, and prediction.
The presence of migrants as one of the descriptors in this definition is doubtlessly an indication of the main perspective from which community interpreting has been addressed in the West.
Both Claudia and Gabe were enrolled in general mathematics at the time they participated in the investigation and had no previous experience with dynamic physical models in instructional settings nor of interpreting equations of functions.
Lone's and Connie's actions are extensions of the act of interpreting.
But when it comes to the bottom line, translation and interpreting become a key component.
Its anchor and its impetus are found in the human act of interpreting the Word of God.
A theory for creating learning environments in digital libraries is presented based on the concepts in the constructivist approach of acting and reflecting, feeling and formulating, predicting and choosing, and interpreting and creating.
I suspect the amygdala is important for interpreting all types of signals people use to communicate what they're thinking, not just those concerned with fear and anger.
In this volume Thomas Schlereth brings together fourteen previously published and two new articles that discuss the value of material culture study in understanding America's past and the role of museums in interpreting material culture.

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