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She says,' replied Mr Lammle, interpreting for her, 'that in her eyes you look well in any colour, Sophronia, and that if she had expected to be embarrassed by so pretty a compliment as she has received, she would have worn another colour herself.
He says,' replied Mrs Lammle, interpreting for him, and patting the back of her dear girl's hand, as if it were Fledgeby who was patting it, 'that it was no compliment, but a little natural act of homage that he couldn't resist.
Dowler had as great an objection to duelling as himself; in short, this blustering and awful personage was one of the most egregious cowards in existence, and interpreting Mr.
The Tuesday texts were explicitly intended to cover three areas of scholarly inquiry: art-historical background, religious-social background, and practical guidance for interpreting religious paintings.
For research analysts, interpreting data sometimes resembles an artisan's touch rather than the clear methodology of numbers.
Interpreting tax provisions can be difficult, particularly those a practitioner has never encountered before.
When interpreting art we need to ask: Is the artifact more naturalistic or more abstract?
In addition, other important teaching objectives can also be emphasized, such as how to interpret scatterplots and correlation, evaluating the tenability of assumptions, writing null and alternative hypotheses associated with hypothesis tests, and reporting and interpreting confidence intervals and p-values.
The last section includes five papers focused on transport processes in rocks and their role in interpreting geochronological data.
Perry Professor of Bible and Chairman of the Department of Christian Studies, Union University, Jackson, Tennessee), The Holman Guide To Interpreting The Bible sets forth the basics of interpreting, applying, and communication the Word of God in teaching and preaching.
In archaeology in general, when interpreting the material culture of the past, we could postulate an infinite number of potential scenarios that might explain our finds.
It is important to build staff's confidence that they indeed can perform in a manner that will be acceptable to the interpreting surveyors.

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