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Interpretively both class projects provided an experiential experience to the students which incorporated client-based projects with simulated classroom learning, thus provided the opportunity for a learning experience which required creativity, communication, time management, cooperation and accountability.
nontechnical copyright cases are somehow interpretively simpler than
Finally, faithful seeing and hearing apprehend the same divine beauty in the same sacred tradition and are engaged interpretively in the same theological task.
This is because in the former we are able to understand the expression "at a stroke", while in the latter we find ourselves in an interpretively problematic context involving a noticeable span of time.
Second, recognizing the incompleteness of accessing past events raises important epistemological questions: If there are always gaps to be interpretively filled in when writing historiographies, how big can those gaps be?
The probing of history--of practices, polity and theological methodologies--was at the heart of his scholarly work, with a deeply traditional yet interpretively particular belief in the biblical origins of Christianity guiding his quests," Morrill said.
Using Laplacean ontology as his foil, he summarizes interpretively such quantum mechanical themes as complementarity, nonclassical logic, and the inherently probabilistic nature of microphysics.
And where Kalberg is committed to pursuing Weber's mode of causally explaining the rise of world civilizations (though skimming over his focus on the dynamic autonomy of the Protestant idea of the "calling"), Gane is more concerned with Weber's method of interpretively understanding the relevance of core sociological concepts to dominant economic and cultural developments today (thereby sacrificing empirical description for theoretical innovation).
My doctrinal aim is to engage interpretively with penal codes in such a way as to render one of their implicit normative commitments explicit.
Finally, if Isserman's suggestion that Max Shachtman, a former Trotskyist who, by the early 1960s, supported American imperialism's assault on Cuba, endorsing the Bay of Pigs adventure, built bridges from the Old Left to the New is interpretively tragically flawed, Isitt's Canadian substitution of Ross Dowson for Shachtman borders on the farcical.
At times the different senses of culture populating his account rub shoulders uncomfortably, detracting from its clarity, and the reviewer would personally have enjoyed hearing more from Price interpretively.
Conjugating her "libretto" into a score of red, blue, and green scrawls, she now added sound--guttural groans and falsetto trills--that she interpretively sang with French, German and Italian inflections in a 1980 performance for the 12th International Poetry Festival in New York.

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