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There is no doubt that a losing team often has problems within the dressing-room but I don't think it follows that a team with good social interrelations will necessarily be successful on the field.
fragmentation, of the discipline and of historical reconstructions, they stress the need for context and interrelation.
Although rather loosely connected, the essays bring astute new insights to analyses of individual texts by showing the public or political aspects of various kinds of literary writing and the interrelation of the personal and the political.
95--In this collection of seven essays, Raymond Geuss brings his distinctive philosophical perspective to bear on the interrelations among the three issues announced in his title.
The international economic, cultural and political interrelations have played an important role in the flow of people between countries.
Tin Hlaing said, ''The Cultural Exchange Variety Dance Show is the result of interrelations and cooperation between Japan and Myanmar, respecting and understanding each other's culture.
Broussard argues as well for interrelations between the world of objects and writing, between the world and that which exists beyond the world.
Still, the unique contribution of each drug to the potency of a multidrug regimen and the pattern, order and interrelations of the development of resistance to each component of a multidrug regimen in a patient are still a mystery.
Users can analyze both information content as well as complex interrelations among individual elements of large information collections.
In the end, one puts this volume down with a general sense of a trajectory suggesting the increasing self-mastery of the African American literary tradition over time - a self-mastery in no way compromised by widely varying, complex interrelations with other traditions of whatever "race" or nationality.
In turn, the analytical model becomes a mental construct which consists of a set of interrelating elements with their interrelations clearly defined (Hagen, 1962, p.
Among the topics are chord length distribution densities of selected elementary geometric figures, particle-to-particle interference as a useful tool, scattering patterns and structure functions of Boolean models, interrelations between the moments of the chord length distributions of random two-phase systems, and exercises on problems of characterizing particles.