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By comparing risks on a single matrix of severity and frequency, senior managers can, often for the first time, see a complete picture of all the risks facing the company and their interrelationship.
Doubling the content base, for example, doubles the navigational complexity and page links, which creates a four-fold increase in the interrelationships among files.
As another example, the total solids content, dry rubber content, mechanical stability and viscosity tests have such interrelationships also.
The last and least recognized military challenge in the global commons involves the rapidly developing interrelationships among and between the different domains and the platforms and systems operating in and through the related parts of the global commons.
Without a virus isolate, direct cross-protective assays cannot be conducted, and therefore the interrelationships by neutralization of newly recognized arboviruses, hantaviruses, arenaviruses, and filoviruses cannot be determined.
In View, 1996, five immaculately white objects hang across a gallery wall, casting discreet shadows and setting up quiet but intense pictorial interrelationships, its terse objecthood very reminiscent of Robert Ryman's esthetic.
Changes and omissions in the texts are not identified, interrelationships between and among texts are not discussed, and, most serious of all, the editor's idiosyncratic methods of selecting sources and individual texts are not explained.
Of all parts of the human body, the mouth appears to contain the most extensive microbial interrelationships.
Sankey diagrams are graphic representations of technical or economical interrelationships.
Fugazzotto, a dentist who specializes in periodontics and implant therapy, outlines the treatment planning and clinical steps for multidisciplinary periodontal and restorative procedures, showing the interrelationships between these specialties and their integration to manage a variety of situations more effectively.
Comprehensive designs and methodologies for both human and animal studies of gene-environment interactions are of crucial importance to identify alcohol-related genes and environmental factors, and their interrelationships.
As another instance, Revard uses the Renaissance mythographers to reveal complex, constantly shifting interrelationships among the muses, sirens, nymphs, and other female deities that appear in such English poems as "L'Allegro," "Il Penseroso," and "Lycidas.