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How often are any of the following justified when interrogating suspected terrorists?
Supreme Court agreed with the Missouri Supreme Court's opinion that the interrogating officer's "intentional omission of a Miranda warning was intended to deprive Seibert of the opportunity knowingly and intelligently to waive her Miranda rights.
In that case, the receiving computer would drop the message and send nothing back to the interrogating computer.
BEIRUT: Former MP Fares Soueid warned Friday against what he called a phenomenon of armed men arresting and interrogating Syrian agricultural workers in the city of Jbeil.
We are dealing with a human being, not chattel," the court said, after advocate Vijay Aggarwal representing Kazmi said he was being treated like a " lab- testing pig" with an unending row of people interrogating him constantly.
Doctoral students mostly in various social sciences, but also in English submit papers each year at the international summer seminar Interrogating the African Diaspora, and here are nine of those deemed best from the 2004, 2005, and 2006 seminars discussing practices of exclusion and misrecognition, and the emergence of diasporic consciousness.
Sources also said that the prosecution is still interrogating some of police officers and riot police who were on duty during the January 25 Revolution, in addition to the families of martyrs, those injured and other eyewitnesses.
British police, after interrogating them, levelled no charges and allowed the trio to return home, on an undertaking that they would return to Britain when required.
Dubai: Dubai Police are interrogating a number of people suspected in the stabbing of a woman, who was found dead in her car, a senior police official said.
This also would include the practice of interrogating before the warnings are given (with a view toward having suspects make incriminating statements and then be given the warnings, which are likely to be waived because they already have incriminated themselves).
In the final analysis, the mixed-race movement is about interrogating and naming subjective personal identities.
A woman accused of killing her invalid husband told a jury Wednesday she falsely confessed to the arson death of her spouse because the three detectives interrogating her were men.