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That leaves the bulk of questions that actually achieve their interrogative and probing purpose in the hands (and mouth) of Sancho.
More limitations are this time observed in the negative and interrogative syntax containing these complex MMs having been barely studied before in previous research on Multiple Modals that mainly focused on classical American DMs.
The construction can be used in interrogative (10a), conditional (10b), and comparative form (10c).
In the case of more elaborate constructions, particularly interrogative clauses, the CCs function as elicitors proper.
The semantic structure of an interrogative sentence should be rewritten according to its questioned part.
Verbal questions, Kearsley (1976) explains, can be expressed using the interrogative form either directly (yes/no or multiple alternative answers) or indirectly (questions with no question mark).
Extending the transformational paradigm to wh-interrogatives where a wh-expression like what is involved, the interrogative clause was analysed as a derivative of two distinct transformational operations: Tense dislocation and wh-movement (Chomsky 1977).
The use of the interrogative sentence type secures the addressee's optionality to decide, which makes the act of advising more explicit.
The ultimate goal of an interrogative clause is to seek for information from the hearer, to clarify some doubts or to get a confirmation or a denial of a particular fact where there is any.
Teachers are shown how to teach history using interpretive questions and interrogative evidence in this exciting alternative to traditional history paths, recommended for any educator's collection.
It is not used in questions with interrogative words, the equivalents of "wh-words" in English.
In this paper, we study the use of a special type of interrogative containing imperative marking (II) in the Estonian subdialect Kihnu (spoken on Kihnu Island, belonging to the Insular dialect), in standard and colloquial Latvian and in the Kuronian dialect of Livonian.