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They are teachers of the other and of their own tradition when they speak declaratively about the distinctive ways of thinking, appropriating reality, and making meaning that are unique to their community; and they are learners when they engage the other tradition interrogatively, when they "make room" for the other to speak declaratively for and about him/herself.
All of us need an environment where we can write tentatively and boldly and interrogatively.
Rather than addressing the Anastasis, he interrogatively led listeners to picture the original tomb, as discussed above.
The word stares back at us as blankly and interrogatively as any of Walker's images--making a promise while undermining the possibility of its fulfillment.
Not only does it grind, albeit interrogatively, all
His prophecy, tempered by the lessons of Sergeant Dunlop, and in reaction to his father's assertive pronouncements, is presented, not aggressively or confidently, but interrogatively.
In that feminist criticism is a "critical discourse about power relations," it is consequently "an ethical discourse" interrogatively addressing "relations between what is and what ought to be.