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Don't interrupt me by making explanations; and don't frighten the cat.
Jane Murdstone,' said her brother, 'have the goodness not to interrupt me.
Now, usually I never interrupt a woman when she is crying, as it only encourages her to continue; but there was something so unexpected and mysterious about Rosalind's sudden outburst that it was impossible not to be sympathetic.
This would surpass Common revenge, and interrupt his joy In our Confusion, and our Joy upraise In his disturbance; when his darling Sons Hurl'd headlong to partake with us, shall curse Thir frail Originals, and faded bliss, Faded so soon.
It ain't manners to interrupt a man who, though common, might be your father for years and wisdom.
Madame, I should esteem that a great honor done me, but I am so pressed for time, that, you see, I have been obliged to permit myself to interrupt your repast to procure payment of my note.
I won't stay an instant longer, uncle--I wouldn't interrupt you for the world.
I am shocked, uncle, to interrupt you again--but these horrid hats of Arnold's are beginning to weigh upon my mind.
In many embedded systems, a significant portion of microcontroller performance is spent responding to real-time interrupt events.
In this Insight Exchange webinar, Dave Schiever, Director of Strategy at Interrupt, will host the conversation and discuss how to address some of the challenges manufacturers currently face in the marketplace.
The death rate through 8 years of observation in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study as highest among people who interrupted antiretroviral therapy for at least 1 month (group A) and lower in people who did not interrupt treatment but had a viral load above 1000 copies at some point after 6 months o therapy (group B) and in people who did not interrupt treatment and always had a viral load below 1000 copies after 6 months of therapy (group C).