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The good father would have favoured me with more relations of the same kind, if I had been in the humour to have heard them, but, interrupting him, I told him that all these relations confirmed what we had found by experience, that the monks of Abyssinia were no improper company for the devil.
Monsieur," she said, interrupting him with ineffable impertinence, "wouldn't you have given me money if I had asked for it?
One, with a fan and some bits of paper, performed the graceful trick of the butterflies and the flowers; another traced in the air, with the odorous smoke of his pipe, a series of blue words, which composed a compliment to the audience; while a third juggled with some lighted candles, which he extinguished successively as they passed his lips, and relit again without interrupting for an instant his juggling.
Pardon me for interrupting you, but it appears to me that that name is familiar to me.
Up to this point," said Faria, interrupting the thread of his narrative, "this seems to you very meaningless, no doubt, eh?
said the young lady, again interrupting him; "she has a perfect horror of the tuning of fiddles and the preparatory thrummings on the piano; so endeavour to preserve the harmony of your temper for the second act.
And now I find you guilty of a most flagrant breach of courtesy in interrupting my learned discourse to call attention to a mere quadruped of the genus FELIS.
Oh, you clever people," said a third manly voice interrupting them both.
Your Honour," said the Malefactor, interrupting, "would you be kind enough to alter my punishment to ten years in the penitentiary and nothing else?
I am to understand then," rejoined Sir Patrick, "that I am forgiven for interrupting the honey-moon?
You are more than forgiven for interrupting it," said Blanche--"you are thanked.
There seemed, indeed, no great fear of anything interrupting him, as he had evidently sat down with a determination to do a great deal of business.