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In his attendance to the Albania-Serbia Relations Forum, the prime minister said "for the sake of the European future of this region, I deeply believe that our destinies are intertwined with one another.
BEIRUT: Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati said Tuesday that the situation in Lebanon had become "largely intertwined with the complexity of the situation in Syria," and that even a new Cabinet would not be enough to solve the problem.
The creation of the royal intertwined electrical transport, bem quay branch construction (top-5.
Vines Intertwined includes eight black-and-white maps and ten appendices containing lists of personalities grouped by political, civic, and religious office.
The fevered, intertwined relationships make it an ideal starting point for one of Doug Varone's pieces about fevered, intertwined relationships.
The real and the mysterious are intertwined throughout until the boys finally find the 13 stones, each one a particular fear, which Bryan must walk through in order to bring about change and release.
Written by a lifelong resident of Red River Valley who gathered tales during a 16-day, 400-mile canoe trip down Red River's length, Treasure River blends history and folklore into an intertwined narrative about the length and shores of the Red River, and the remarkable events that have surrounded it over the course of centuries.
In a nutshell: Two tales of crime, drugs and young people in trouble awkwardly intertwined in the Caymans.
Aveni asserts that those two realms are thus unavoidably intertwined.
As our partnership with AAEA and LPC grows stronger each year, individual ideas and proposals become intertwined among all three organizations.
Documenting author Scott Falkner as an original and talented writer, The Feast Of Catchville is very highly recommended reading, especially for horror fantasy buffs as an original and engaging tale of three intertwined lives.
Presented in dramatic and superbly crafted productions, The Catherine Cookson Collection: Set One is a four disc DVD collection of film adaptations from Cookson's four powerful novels: The Wingless Bird which is an interesting tale of three eccentric families during a period in which war is nearing, all intertwined with the daughter of a shopkeeper who is hard set on making for herself a better life.