intervening party

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Solar energy is a growing industry that significantly benefits the states economy by creating jobs and lowering energy costs for households and businesses, said Katie Laning Niebaum, Executive Director of the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association, an intervening party in the docket.
Beside the Perincek and Switzerland, Armenia had also attended as intervening party the hearing in which ECtHR listened the parties held on 28th of January.
Long-term intervention with boots on the ground is likely to suck any intervening party into a quagmire where outright military victory is almost impossible.
The only producers' association named as an intervening party in the action, the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association of California (IIABC), has the right to appeal directly to the U.
Thus, the French procedural law provides in article 421 of the Code of Civil Procedure that "the Public Ministry may act as main or intervening party.
Bank Austria, which has since sold the unit, is acting as the leading intervening party in the lawsuit.
The Stoney Nakoda Nation, as an intervening party, has brought forward a number of concerns including environmental and economic implications as well as the evacuation plan.
It is also proposed that the intervening party may not offer a written statement of case but has to confine him/herself to express a point of view during the sitting.
Celsius was an intervening party in the EQB's action against Millipore Cidra.
The Azanian People Liberation Army Military Veterans Association (APLAMVA) is joined in these proceedings as an Intervening Party.