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The situation can be regarded, on the one hand as the result of an ideological compromise, on the other hand it can be seen as a pragmatic setting aside of ideological orthodoxy in the name of satisfactory results--a trend we set to analyze as a key to better understand contemporary interventionism.
This is because a greater evil has beset the region and not because of American interventionism.
Despite disputes over R2P's legal basis, the doctrine gained rapid recognition in the world -- not least because the various schools of interventionism united behind it.
However, what is missing from Liberal Interventionism and Democracy Promotion is the critical research that challenges many of the findings presented here.
Mises also unmistakably pointed out that interventionism is a form of societal order that, if not brought to a halt, will sooner or later end in outright socialism.
Hoover suggested that Roosevelt's sudden turn to interventionism in the late 1930s was not caused by new foreign threats but by the need to overcome domestic political resistance to his project of collectivization.
The thesis advanced by Kissinger in his article looks at interventionism as, perhaps a recipe for chaos and disintegration of sovereign states in the region.
It will implicitly authorize much more US interventionism in the region at a time when we cannot afford the foreign commitments we already have.
The London-based but with extensive global reach the Centre For The Study Of Interventionism (CSI) made those above remarks in a Position Paper on Media Interventionism recently exposing the western media saying forthrightly "We live in an age which boasts of being awash with information.
His talk will focus on the hubris of interventionism, arguing that such arrogance hangs on maneuvers in government and "expert" quarters that pretend to make things simpler than they are.
It added that this "western self-indulgence - interventionism as it were by media - clearly endangers peace and reconciliation within post-war Sri Lanka.
In a strong defence of interventionism, the Prime Minister said the Arab Spring uprisings and conflict in Libya demonstrated that the UN needed "a new way of working".

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