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And that night, coming out of the cannery, he was interviewed by his fellow workmen, who were very angry and incoherently slangy.
So I interviewed my Mammy Jennie, my old nurse at whose black breast I had suckled.
The astounding thing about it was that they refused in almost identically the same language, and this in face of the fact that I interviewed them separately and that one did not know that I had seen or was going to see the other.
Afterwards they both went up and interviewed the girl.
She must have interviewed Charles in another world--where one did have interviews.
He, who had interviewed so many illustrious personages, had himself become illustrious and was interviewed in his turn.
But Lord Ernest Belville was addressing the meeting at Exeter Hall; I waited for him when the show was over, dogged him home to King John's Mansions, and interviewed him in his own rooms there before he turned in.
I knew that, because I came to see him one night last week, and he interviewed me himself through the gate, but wouldn't open it.
Saxon went in and interviewed the shopkeeper, an emaciated, shrewd-eyed and middle-aged woman of foreign extraction.
We interviewed also through a grating in a mud wall closing a blind alley an immensely corpulent Ital ian, who, the ex-sergeant-major remarked to me perfunctorily, had "killed another man last year.
Next day he interviewed his two subordinates, Manders and Reilly, reckless youngsters who were as elated as if it were a deer-hunt.
The mock job interviews provided a realistic set up with every student being interviewed by a panel of two DWC teachers/staff members, who judged student interview performance, as well as their CV and cover letter writing competencies'.