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Between the first and second exams (approximately 3 weeks), students were interviewed and their responses were audiorecorded using the 14-item pre-exam interview questionnaire in order to determine the strategies that students use before, during, and after a testing period.
When the FWP interviewed southern textile workers there was no disability rights movement in the United States.
We've interviewed children in classrooms about a new Junior Achievement program.
Once the students were identified according to their free and reduced lunch status and their academic achievement, the researcher then contacted the primary caretakers of the students to ask them if they would be willing to participate in this study by being interviewed.
All the instructors interviewed stated that, compared with their course presentations five years ago, they now have more multimedia materials included, such as pictures, PowerPoint slides, audio and video, either as downloadable QuickTime movies in a course site of on a CD mailed to students.
Trammell interviewed for the Dodgers job last Wednesday.
Of the 57 students interviewed, there were 25 boys and 32 girls; 23 of the students were White, 15 were Native American, 10 were Latino/Hispanic, 7 were African American, and 2 were Pacific Islanders.
If Holmes has interviewed the purchasing agent and is convinced nothing is amiss, it is time to close the interview.
Read the publication you are being interviewed for, advises Jason Zweig of Forbes, a U.
The physicians were interviewed 1-2 years after completing the portfolio.
Practice growth remained among the top 10 CPA issues, said 73% of CPAs interviewed.