intimidating force

See: menace
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Although researchers have found that those who wear red tops are more successful in sport, World Cup holders New Zealand have been rugby union's dominant and most intimidating force in recent years with their All Black strip.
Their starting lineup as well as their bench, is an intimidating force, which allows the Beirut side the luxury of chopping and changing the lineup if need be.
Both seem to know that their ideas or influence are unsellable on their merits, so they have to impose them with intimidating force -- "convert to puritanical Islam or I will chop your head off,'' says the Islamic State, and "submit to Russia's sphere of influence or I will invade you and wipe out your regime,'' says Putin.
A truly intimidating force of nature, "Godzilla" is director Gareth Edwards' second picture.
Laced with some pointed comedy, Nebraska is largely a platform for Dern but also offers June Squibb the chance to portray the acid–tongued mum as an intimidating force of nature.
Tiger was arguably at the peak of his powers and was clearly an intimidating force in the game - games were crumbling around him.
He was arguably at the peak of his powers and clearly an intimidating force in the game.
He's certainly an intimidating force to deal with," says Slater, whose character is strapped to a chair and interrogated by Stallone's hitman alter ego.
Simon Roberts' verdict: A narrow win for the Ospreys over a Munster side which has a great pedigree in Europe but is not the intimidating force it once was.
Lambert may be short of his best this season, still nowhere near the form which earned him almost 40 goals last year, but at this level he is an intimidating force with the right service.
3 yards per play - a first down every time someone touches the football - so the fast-paced Vikings can be an intimidating force.
And he was an intimidating force as well, leading the Greyhounds in penalty minutes with 158.