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The petition was grounded on allegations of intimidation, violence, widespread bribery before and during the elections.
We have noticed that despite the court order being granted some two weeks ago, and a statement issued by the BLF on 11 July 2017 in which the BLF and Mr Mngxitama state that they condemn any act of intimidation, harassment, assault or threats against any journalist, the BLF is alleged to have engaged in yet another act of harassment and assault of a journalist.
The new wave of intimidation, intolerance, harassment and riotous behavior we have seen is dangerous to our democracy.
Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued in Srinagar sad that oppressive measures like arrests, intimidations, raids and restrictions were a glaring example of elections being nothing but an army and police operation that had no validity at all, reported.
Fears of violence during and after the elections are general in the country due to the boycott of the elections by some opposition forces, intimidations and arrest of some local figures.
The pressure group Families Against Intimidation and Terror says Loyalists and Republicans have carried out 10 shootings, 27 beatings, 59 intimidations and 62 exiles, in which people were driven from their homes, since January 1.