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Intimidator has automated the building of frames and painting, but not assembly.
Like Robson, Keane has been Sir Alex Ferguson's voice on the pitch, a motivator, an intimidator, an inspiration and a disciplinarian ( skills he will take into management.
The red dot is better seen, not as some magic intimidator, but as something that lets you get on target if you have to fire from an awkward angle where you can't bring the gun to line of sight.
Santa Rosa, CA-based electric vehicle developer ZAP recently announced that its Las Vegas dealership has received its first shipment of seven ZAP Intimidator L.
Herwig Weiser's The Intimidator , an Internet-based weather gauge by artists Alison Craighead and John Thomson, a modern, stripped-down version of a military control room called Console by Gair Dunlop and Lucy Kimbell's The Most Beautiful Room in the Gallery - an 'interactive room installation' - were among the exhibits at the BitParts launch at the Orange Studio in Cannon Street.
Attorney Eric Holder finally managed to get a witness intimidator sentenced to life in prison the Times broadcast the story on the front page.
The company's most recent expansions have included plant expansions announced in 2012 and 2014 to accommodate its affiliate company, Intimidator Inc.
Inspired by intimidator in chief Dennis Wise, and no love lost there between Leicester and the Millwall boss, the Lions went in at the break with an opener that should never have been allowed to happen and indeed Leicester spurned a great chance of the equaliser when a James Scowcroft header was brilliantly saved by Stack in the opening minute of the second half.
Diamond Precision's original Challenge Edition line of custom rifles has grown to seven different models including the Challenge Edition II, III and Challenge Edition Elite, a Hunter Edition, a BR 50 Accelerator Edition, an Acculite Edition and Intimidator Edition rifles.
Intimidator Ince of Batesville will expand its manufacturing plant and add employees to accommodate a partnership with Mahindra USA to manufacturer a new line of utility vehicles, according to a news release from Mahindra.
I'm definitely going to be an intimidator, definitely want to be somebody who, not even the running back or quarterback, but even the offensive linemen want to know where I'm on the field at all times.