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Later he called this habitual and unconscious mode an intimus sensus, an intuition or instinct that gradually became conscious in the mind of the church.
Escalade sold its Information Security business, including the intimus product line, to an unaffiliated party that is a portfolio company of PHI Fund II, F.
Aperion's Intimus 4T Summit Wireless System is an audiophile-grade wireless speaker system that includes five speakers and a Bravus 8A subwoofer.
Procter & Gamble introduced Always Compacto in 2006 (a more absorbent and compact product), while Kimberly-Clark launched Intimus Gel Discret in 2006, a product that is shaped thinner at the back and has an extra set of wings to ensure the pad stays in place.
In "The Future of Intimacy," Kingwell informs us that our word "intimacy" derives from the Latin intimus, meaning inmost.
Aperion Audio was showing the Intimus 633 Tower Speaker ($1,000/pr) with their new HD-X3 crossover technology.
The company's lines also include the Master and Premier brands, and it recently acquired Schleicher International, which makes Intimus shredders.
Borrowed from the past participle of "intimare: make known, announce, impress, from Latin intimus, inmost.
Aperion Audio, the first company to provide a totally risk-free in-home audition that includes free shipping both ways, today announced the new Intimus 632 In-Wall/In-Ceiling speaker line.
Aperion to Launch Aperion Intimus 4T Summit Wireless 5.
Kenko markets diapers and baby wipes under the Huggies and Monica brands and feminine and incontinence care products under the Intimus and Plenitude brands respectively.
NEW YORK -- Aperion Audio, the first company to provide a totally risk-free buying experience, today announced the newly voiced Intimus 5-Series Speaker Line.