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Just like me, a huge percentage of the Indian population is lactose intolerant but most of them do not even know it.
Economic deprivation, greed for money or social ignorance may be major factors behind intolerant behaviour.
The study is expected to enroll approximately 120 patients, 18 years or older, diagnosed with ET who are resistant to or intolerant of HU, with a screening platelet count of >650 x 109/L and white blood cell count of >11.
The primary objective in statin intolerant study is to assess the 12-week LDL-C lowering efficacy of patients treated with bempedoic acid versus placebo.
head of development, Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb, commented, Patients with advanced or recurrent gastric cancer generally have a poor prognosis, and there are currently no standard-of-care treatment options for patients who fail to respond to or who are intolerant of standard chemotherapy.
Theres a delicious dairy solution for lactose intolerant people, thanks to new Clover NoLac Lactose-Free Milk.
Ceri explains: "Becoming intolerant to wheat was very upsetting for me, and difficult, being a maker and lover of cakes.
The goal should be not to determine whether one religion is more tolerant than another, but to attempt to determine whether religions writ large are inherently more intolerant than other cultural institutions.
The idea that India is intolerant is wrong ('In focus: Is India becoming intolerant?
The levels of food allergy and intolerance in Ireland are growing regularly with more people determining that they are lactose intolerant or need to have gluten-free foods.
AMID THE rising debate over intolerance, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday asserted that India will never be intolerant.
Intolerant Bodies provides a fine history of science and medicine in its discussion of autoimmune diseases and their courses, and represents a fine collaboration between Mackay, a founder of clinical immunology, and Anderson, a historian of biomedical science.