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The area on the right side reacted to intonation regardless of the words' meaning.
The dogs were then exposed to a series of words recorded by their trainers, including both praise and neutral words, spoken with high-pitched praising intonation as well as with a flat, neutral intonation.
Selting and Couper-Kuhlen (1996) argue for the implication of prosody on meaning, and Gumperz points out "the shifts in intonation, volume, rhythm and tempo, that underlie prosodic assessments, and [explain] their grammatical functions" (1996, p.
In Standard Latvian the difference between the "drawling syllable intonation "and others is also based on quantity, because sounds with the "drawling syllable intonation" are much longer.
Playing in tune is very important to the overall performance of a stringed instrument, and intonation has a strong influence on the quality of performance.
It is crucial to establish not only that intonation is available as a prosodic measure but also that (a) it has structure, and this structure informs and enriches our understanding of the movement of the free-verse line, and (b) that intonation units "have a variable relationship to syntactic units" (Fox 289).
Islam allows intonation of Koranic verses, and recordings of chanting are frequently heard in marketplaces or on the radio and television, but singing them to musical accompaniment is prohibited.
But her intonation is improving," Salonga posted on her Twitter account Tuesday night.
The results indicate that, to a certain degree, normative acquisition of Spanish intonation does occur.
But ensemble intonation was a problem, not just in the Sibelius, but also in the Dvorak Cello Concerto (this was a cello-based evening, the Sibelius' solo cello demands efficiently delivered by Sara Greenwood).
After some entertaining preliminary words from the good Professor, the opening statements of CPE Bach's first Symphony were lacking declamation, not to mention intonation.
He had a particularly good ear for phonetics, as exemplified in works such as his study on The demarcative function of intonation in English, Castilian and Catalan (his doctoral thesis), or Models of English intonation: Intonational notation systems, both of which constitute key references in the area of contrastive linguistics.