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Still, across his oeuvre, Davis's most lasting emphasis maybe on the intractability of human depravity.
While a significant minority of children with early medical intractability ultimately achieved seizure control without surgery, those with an abnormal imaging study did poorly," said Dr.
It is, I think, no exaggeration to say the intractability of this problem posed the single most serious threat to judicial independence in the State's history.
The main reason for the refugee issue's intractability is that at its root is the 1948 establishment of the state of Israel and the ensuing displacement of Palestinians, which prominent Israeli historian Ilan Pappe referred to as ethnic cleansing and which Palestinians refer to as the Nakba, or catastrophe.
Our experience of the US sub-prime crisis, and the intractability of Europe's sovereign debt problems lead us to believe that the latter is likely to drag on, punctuated by fresh bouts of anxiety and supplementary support packages.
Lund's analysis of local politics in the Zinder region shows the intractability of politics and civil society that is valid for many African settings.
In a riveting portrayal of Giorgio Germont, baritone James Westman revelled in his character's chilling, ruthless intractability that ripped every shred of meaning from Violetta's life, David Pomeroy was an ardent and utterly smitten Alfredo whose commitment to Violetta never wavered even in the face of the story's insurmountable odds.
A few unfortunate ones go on to develop intractability, which means that they fail to achieve good seizure control in spite of using two appropriate agents.
and] symbolizes the essential intractability of the 'other'" (p.
His agnosticism on the ultimate cause of the intractability of the race problem steers him away from familiar ports of call such as false consciousness, hegemony, and class theory.
That intractability did not prevent her repelling Celidh House but, with both fillies practically walking through the final furlong, the George Strawbridge-owned Dyna Waltz - under pressure more than half a mile from home - bridged a four-length deficit to score.
The chapter "Only God" shows the intractability of the conflict particularly well.