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In the 1970s a number of new techniques for the management of intractable pain were investigated (8).
Jeffrey Blodgett argued the prescriptions were justified and that his actions with respect to the four patients are protected from disciplinary action by provisions of the Intractable Pain Treatment Act.
Consequently, it follows that such guidelines would help in establishing a legal standard of care in the treatment of elderly and terminally ill patients suffering from intractable pain.
Advanced Neuromodulation Systems designs, develops, manufactures and markets implantable systems used to manage chronic intractable pain and other disorders of the central nervous system.
Patients with different forms of intractable pain will end up going back to their GP 12 times a year, without any solution, and are soaking up the resources of the NHS.
In 1990 the state legislature adopted an Intractable Pain Treatment Act modeled after the Texas statute, and in 1994 the Medical Board of California issued guidelines intended to reassure wary doctors.
LAS VEGAS -- Spinal Modulation, a privately held global medical device company, announced today that the Spinal Modulation Neurostimulator System has received the CE Mark for the management of chronic intractable pain.
The providers of SMART Pain Management, LLC treat existing patients and welcome new patients at five locations throughout Maryland, while focusing on a holistic approach using minimally invasive procedures to address acute and intractable pain.
Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) has received CE Mark approval for use of its PRECISION[TM] PLUS SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR (SCS) System, the world's first rechargeable SCS device, in peripheral nerve stimulation for patients with chronic intractable pain of the trunk.
For example, as recommended by the National Institutes of Health, a formal and effective pain rehabilitation and education program designed as an intensive, multidisciplinary 12-week treatment plan for patients with severe, chronic intractable pain proved effective for some patients who had failed conventional medical therapies.
The first patients to receive substance P-based toxins, predict researchers, will be people with terminal cancer who face intractable pain from tumors that have spread throughout their body.
They reasoned that if only these neurons could be blocked, it would relieve intractable pain without side effects.