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With the reference to the news article published on the media related to PTTEP Acquisition of Offshore MD-7 and MD-8 blocks in Myanmar, PTTEP would like to deny the intransparency and bribery of the MD-7 and MD-8 acquisition and would like to clarify that the process of direct negotiation for both blocks started in early 2010 before the current Offshore Exploration Block Bidding Round.
With regard to corporate transparency beyond the financial bottom line, there is a common framing of corporate intransparency as a problem in Germany.
With the aggregation of more and more digital ad resources and the bidding-based pricing system, RTB can resolve the vital issues existing in the traditional ad trading process such as intransparency and the lack of industrial standards and clear definition of different capabilities and responsibilities.
The republic of Georgia has landed in the international media spotlight for a variety of reasons in recent years and months, from its conflict with Russia a handful of years ago to its pro-investment and development environment and advances intransparency and pro-business regulatory pushes.
We have ministers from the old regime, security generals responsible for torturing Egyptians under Mubarak "securing" the country, the same pro-rich policies ignoring the poor's demands and same intransparency in taking even the simplest economic decisions.
Watching the speaker speak: self-observation and self- intransparency in lyric poetry.
The lawmaker also criticized the idea of international auditors, who "bring intransparency into ongoing processes.
He contends that the behavior of these elites is characterized by mistrust, double standards, intransparency, and authoritarian-inclined policy-making, particularly in the realms of justice and the rule of law, and that this behavior stands in diametric opposition to the democratic institutional arrangements of their countries.
And in so far as Meca-Medina now requires a case-by-case inspection of the compatibility of sporting practices with EC trade law rather than a general appeal to the 'purely sporting' nature of a rule (30) one must reckon with the fear of intransparency and unpredictability in the application of the law to sport.
The report said: 'Most threatening for the Committee of the Regions seems to be the endemic culture of unprofessionalism and improvisation, where intransparency is preferred above openness, for instance in reporting facts to Olaf.
In addition the observer takes an active part in the process of reception by selecting those things that he wants to assimilate; he "instinctively prefers what is direct and clear, lest one's own confusion and intransparency should hinder the transmission from without of light that is not yet inward" (251).