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One week after this third surgical procedure, an Infant Bioethics Committee meeting was called to address the question whether Baby G's family should be offered the option of placement of a large, central intravenous line for total parenteral intravenous nutrition (TPN) for the child.
ThriveRx, a division of BioRx, LLC, specializes in highly customized care for individuals with chronic nutritional deficiencies who require intravenous nutrition and tube feeding.
Children who came for intravenous nutrition at an early stage in their lives showed very slow development compared to other children of their age," stated Dr Hassan.
The cost of keeping all four babies in the hospital is now Dh30,000 per day," he said adding that the amount includes the cost of incubators, the intravenous nutrition, and medical care after receiving a 50 per cent discount by the hospital.
Such transplants eliminate the need for intravenous nutrition and its associated risks that include the potential for liver failure.
Rachel is able to access her Invisiport two times per week on her own to provide the necessary intravenous nutrition required to treat her condition.

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