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Vse no intreats, I will relentlesse rest, For toyling labour hates an idle guest.
Admiral, to intreat him to shut up the gale of his gain awhile and content himself with that he hath got.
And although by the first face and view, some of these may seeme to intreat of vnlawfull Loue, and the foule practises of the same, yet being thoroughly read and well considered, both olde and yong may learne how to auoyde the ruine, ouerthrow, inconuenience, and displeasure, that lasciuious desire, and wanton will, doth bring to the suters and pursuers of the same.
The first, is the argument of an other discourse: the latter, the matter, and subject, I intreat of" Jones, 16).
The advice to a villager confronted with suspected witchcraft is not to begin a witch-hunt but to "fall downe and humble thy selfe with fasting and prayer, intreat the Lord to turne away his displeasure: looke not upon the witch" (H[3.
I now earnestly intreat you to write to me, without fail, by the return of post .
There, after seating him in an antique elbow-chair, an heirloom of the house, I take forth a roll of manuscript, and intreat his attention to the following tales .
O that I might intreat your rare wits [the three playwrights whom Greene is addressing were known as University Wits] to be imploied in more profitable courses: & let those Apes [actors] imitate your past excellence, and neuer more acquaint them with your admired inuentions [Greene's plea that they do not help actors write plays].
Before the American people permit themselves to be seduced into this conspiracy against themselves, let me, once more, intreat them to pause -- and to reflect on the inevitable consequences.
Maverick's Negro woman came to my chamber window, and in her own Countrey language and tune sang her very loud and shrill, going out to her, she used a great deal of respect towards me, and willingly would have expressed her grief in English; but I apprehended it by her countenance and deportment, whereupon I repaired to my host, to learn of him the cause, and intreat him in her behalf, for that I understood before, that she had been a Queen in her own Countrey, and observed a very humble and dutiful garb used towards her by another Negro who was her maid.
Her mother, still confident of their engagement, and relying as warmly as ever on his constancy, had only been roused by Elinor's application, to intreat from Marianne greater openness towards them both; and this, with such tenderness towards her, such affection for Willoughby, and such a conviction of their future happiness in each other, that she wept with agony through the whole of it.
On 6 July 1641 Felltham wrote: |I was with my Lord Lieutenant in the morning to intreat him help it forward; likewise with my Lord of Bristou and my Lord of Corke.