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I only intreat every body to believe that exactly at the time when it was quite natural that it should be so, and not a week earlier, Edmund did cease to care about Miss Crawford, and became as anxious to marry Fanny, as Fanny herself could desire.
Fanny makes a vigorous attempt to repel Henry, telling him "that she did not love him, could not love him, was sure she never should love him: that such a change was quite impossible, that the subject was most painful to her, that she must intreat him never to mention it again"; but Henry "would still love, and still hope
O that I might intreat your rare wits to be imploied in more profitable courses: & let those Apes imitate your past excellence, and neuer more acquaint them with your admired inuentions.
Your Memorialists fully aware that they have considerably exceeded the Limits usual to a Paper of this Nature, and yet apprehensive lest their Endeavour at Condensement may weaken their Cause, earnestly intreat that your Lordship will indulgently deign to peruse a Statement accompanying this Memorial [i.
And although by the first face and view, some of these may seeme to intreat of vnlawfull Loue, and the foule practises of the same, yet being thoroughly read and well considered, both olde and yong may learne how to auoyde the ruine, ouerthrow, inconuenience, and displeasure, that lasciuious desire, and wanton will, doth bring to the suters and pursuers of the same.
The advice to a villager confronted with suspected witchcraft is not to begin a witch-hunt but to "fall downe and humble thy selfe with fasting and prayer, intreat the Lord to turne away his displeasure: looke not upon the witch" (H[3.