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Faria has dreamed this; the Cardinal Spada buried no treasure here; perhaps he never came here, or if he did, Caesar Borgia, the intrepid adventurer, the stealthy and indefatigable plunderer, has followed him, discovered his traces, pursued them as I have done, raised the stone, and descending before me, has left me nothing.
if he takes time to reflect - " said the intrepid Pelisson.
At this all demonstrations ceased; the intrepid souls about the door and windows fell back to the opposite side of the street and were merged in the crowd; the small boys ceased throwing stones.
At this moment the three intrepid travelers appeared.
The name of this intrepid adventurer was Michel Ardan.
Lady Bellaston was of this intrepid character; but let not my country readers conclude from her, that this is the general conduct of women of fashion, or that we mean to represent them as such.
It also marks the second straight year Intrepid was honored with Best of Show.
Perez initially joined Intrepid Aviation as Vice President Technical and Asset Management in April of 2012 and was quickly promoted to Senior Vice President, where he was responsible for the spectrum of technical and asset management matters for Intrepid's growing widebody aircraft fleet.
Intrepid Learning helps companies apply this disruptive technology-enabled learning model within the corporate space.
Intrepid Jack was bred by Fonthill Stud out of the Primo Dominie mare Maria Theresa, a half-sister to Group 2-winning miler Nicobar.
Discover the World Marketing, a US-based marketing company, has entered into a contract with Intrepid Travel, an Australia-based tour company.
With nearly eighty-five percent of all potash used in the United States imported, Intrepid is working diligently to expand its production to further support the United States' agricultural industry and to continue to provide jobs for Intrepid's nearly 700 New Mexico employees.