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Whether it is the simple deed of spreading intrigues against a person, or the more serious act of implicating someone in a crime that he has not committed, incriminatory machinations blemish an individual's character and may eventually ruin a person's life," she added.
Clarke is the author of the historical romance series, “A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho,” and the new mystery series, “The Adventures of John and Julia Evans,” which includes Anasazi Intrigue, Mayan Intrigue, Montezuma Intrigue, and Desert Intrigue.
However, for those who prefer information to intrigue, the new line actually means: For the love of cars.
The characters in Hitchcock's thrillers may have been naive innocents who stumbled into foreign intrigues, and America in the early 1940s may have been a relatively minor player in geopolitics and the global economy.
Though it's doubtful they'll ever understand why their relatives in the industry chuckle and laugh out loud as another character is caught in his own web of intrigue and dispatched with cruel efficiency.
When the current pope (who's just been visited by a prostitute with a Fatima-like vision) dies, a set of intrigues and counter-intrigues are set in motion.
It opens in 1805 during the Battle of Trafalgar and involves an envoy from the Vatican on a secret mission of international intrigue to the United States.
Relics, whether sacred or secular, engender intrigue.
It wasn't about the money, it was about the intrigue of this situation,'' Jackson said.
More intriguing than the diversity of the ever-evolving customs of these three days is the power this populist triduum has to focus, to inspire, to intrigue people of many faiths and nonfaiths.
Would it intrigue readers to delve into reports of scientists' discoveries and technological developments?