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366, Legarda proposed to amend Articles 363 and 364 of the Revised Penal Code to increase the penalty for the crime of incriminatory machination or implicating a crime to an innocent person or sowing intrigue to tarnish another person's reputation.
The characters in Hitchcock's thrillers may have been naive innocents who stumbled into foreign intrigues, and America in the early 1940s may have been a relatively minor player in geopolitics and the global economy.
But it is Williams' development in other areas that most intrigues the parent Arizona Diamondbacks.
When the current pope (who's just been visited by a prostitute with a Fatima-like vision) dies, a set of intrigues and counter-intrigues are set in motion.
Nothing is done halfway; Meg kind of scares me in the way you want to be scared by somebody you're working with and intrigues me in the way you want to be intrigued.
As the story progresses, Songlian, who is initially humiliated by her status as a concubine and repulsed by the household's courtyard intrigues, soon finds that the cost of withdrawing from this sport is too high.
Europa especially intrigues planetary scientists because it appears to have two of the ingredients essential for life: water and an internal heat source.