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Recently, Pounds notes, some of his colleagues have begun to consider an intriguing idea that could provide an answer to another astronomical puzzle.
Vernon Forrest: For true boxing fans, this matchup is more intriguing than De La Hoya-Mosley II.
Equally intriguing to Sebba is "the fact that what could have been a very important and certainly very romantic discovery was so completely ignored and so completely forgotten.
The result is more musicologically intriguing as the 12-string wizard and his friends favor traditional purity over catchy reinterpretation.
LAS VEGAS - Those who contemplate the intriguing Fernando Vargas-Felix Trinidad bout here on Saturday night seem to come up with the same question: How could it be a bad fight?
Because the Bruins probably will be seeded lower than usual when the NCAA Tournament pairings are announced today, the pool of potential first-round opponents is more talented - and more intriguing.
Other intriguing ``turkey to go'' options include the famed ``no-need-to-park-door-to-car-within-90-seconds'' deal by the Century Plaza Hotel ($100, feeds 8 to 10 persons).