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Because spidrons are hinged, movable structures, they're especially intriguing to artists and engineers, Gailiunas says.
Though van Egeraat's whimsical warpings of form are far removed from the more reticent and sober traditions of Danish architecture, this promises to be an intriguing urban set-piece.
He traces his limbs, throwing intriguing shadows on the rear wall.
L King's intriguing look at the lives and lifestyles of black men who sleep with other men but do not consider themselves to be gay.
Although the handbook section of the book is intriguing, the highlight of the book is the last third--a parish-wide or community-wide seminar on "Leading a multicultural, multiracial ministry workshop.
But every reader who is willing to invest the time will come away from the book with a plethora of insights and intriguing new ideas.
Wachman has played down comparisons, but when Damson won at Royal Ascot in June her rider Jamie Spencer was quick to announce there was one better at home, and that filly was Intriguing.
It adds a further intriguing element to the character, which Cake relishes.
So, too, does The DaVinci Code, ratcheting up the secrecy motif to extraordinarily intriguing levels through all sorts of clever conundrums.
This analysis raises some intriguing possibilities: that religious allegiance, national identity, and racial hatred were all changeable qualities in the early modern period whose intensity could diminish over gradients of space, time, class, and even gender.
I was very delighted with all of the talented Black people you have in your collection of the "57 Most Intriguing Blacks.
And they weren't as intriguing as, just for starters: