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At this year's fair, Turkcell will introduce new products and services specifically developed for professionals and businesses under the themes of "Baglan Internete" (connect to the Internet), "E-postalarina Baglan" (connect to your e-mail), and "Baglan Isine" (connect to your job), which are advanced services that will help busy professionals streamline daily business activities and save time.
Italian maker of reheat stretch-blow machines will introduce linear machines that run up to 14 cavities and produce up to 20,000 bottles/hr.
Cardenas did introduce a measure Friday calling for expanding the number of public hearings county education officials would hold before approving any breakup plan.
Fujifilm introduces Fujichrome T64 Professional Film, a new ISO 64 tungsten-type color transparency film that delivers ultra-fine grain and optimum tonal scale and gradation under tungsten lighting.
The Standard Products Group will introduce a complete new line of Bariatric Products and Solutions.
Adults aged 55 years and older with children under 18 are more likely to feel it's important to introduce their children to outdoor activities and nature (77% feel this way, versus 65% of those aged 18-54 with children under 18).
For example, American Kuhne will introduce its AKlaim ram stuffer.
It acknowledges the ability of the company to successfully develop and introduce new technology, formulate a well-designed product family, and make significant product performance contributions to the industry.
And in the field of structural FEA, Abaqus will introduce more than 115 improvements its version 6.
Invacare Top End(R) will introduce the new Paul Schulte Signature Series Basketball Chair, named for Team Invacare's Paul Schulte, one of the world's top wheelchair basketball players.
Throughout the next year, Hampton will continue to introduce new items such as raised beds, new guest rooms furnishings, pillows and duvet comforters in its more than 130,000 rooms.