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All-in-One Introducer Device Enables Accelerated Seldinger Technique for Safer Vascular Access
While we ultimately plan to offer the valve on most of our introducers, it is an especially attractive product for chronic hemo-dialysis catheter procedures in which the large introducer size increases the possibility of the patient experiencing an air embolism, a potentially life- threatening event.
The complaint states that Pressure Products' widely disseminated release was intentionally written to cause unfair market and consumer confusion, particularly regarding Greatbatch's new and innovative OptiSeal[TM] valved peelable introducer and its FlowGuard[TM] valved peelable introducer.
A guidewire introducer needle is used for vascular access procedures, such as placement of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs).
The September trial is the next phase in Pressure Products' strategy to protect the intellectual property underlying its innovative SafeSheath([R]) line of peel-away introducers.
The agreement also sets forth the terms under which Medtronic will begin including the Medamicus Axia RSN(TM) retractable guidewire introducer safety needle, as part of Medtronic's introducer kits later this year.
Contract awarded for E Percutaneous Catheter Introducer
Jude Medical offers the industry's broadest range of guiding introducer and catheter based technology to diagnose PAF.
In its claim, Pressure Products asserted that Greatbatch's FlowGuard[TM] valved peelable introducer product and ViaSeal[TM] valved peelable introducer prototype infringed patents held by Pressure Products.
The Engage Introducer is used for femoral access, in which physicians access the patient's heart through the femoral vein or artery located near the groin; this portfolio includes 22 model configurations of varying sizes to accommodate a wide variety of procedures.
AVA 3Xi's multifunctional design provides flexibility for patients' evolving central venous access requirements in a single device by transitioning from a multi-lumen introducer to a triple lumen device with a detachable introducer valve.
Physicians can visit the Agilis Introducer Station to navigate a sample left atrium using the Agilis NxT family of products, including the new Agilis NxT Large Curl Steerable Introducer in different sizes and the ACross[TM] Transseptal Access System.